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I met him online a month ago and normally, as you know, I will talk to a guy for a good couple weeks before meeting them and generally I never contact anyone first.

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Yes, I have gone out on lots of dates and had a couple flings for a month or so here or there but there has never been anything serious or anyone that I have truly adored until I met 'dreamboy'.

I see him again on the Saturday for possibly the best date ever - a long afternoon at the pub watching both our favourite sports team play (this was actually my idea…yeh, I know how to woo a guy, haha) followed by getting some dvds, a couple bottles of red and take out…..considering we caught up at 2pm, it took him until 8.30pm to finally lean over and kiss me……and wow, just wow, it was sensational….quote him "wow, I love kissing you"……yup again I was a goner…of course he stayed the night! Now here is where it starts to turn, I did honestly think I would hear from him on the Sunday just from some little comments he made about seeing what I was doing in the afternoon etc but I didn't…did I hear from him on the Monday, by which time, my insecure crazy all consuming caught up in a guy side came rearing its ugly head - the very side that I thought I had worked exceptionally hard to get rid of over the last 2 years (I will explain this a bit later in this blog) - I was beside myself….

I totally adored this guy already, he actually ticked every single one of my tick boxes - this is unheard up cyber friends, unheard of!!!I could not believe that I had been played and played soo well, this guy just did not come across as a player but my mind was ticking overtime.He sent me the sweetest text that evening and asked to see me again on Wednesday.I was over the moon…picked me up Wednesday from my house - standing outside his Audi, dressed impeccably in his work clothes I almost died on the spot, he was super suave (think Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love - this was totally this guy).Off we went for pre-drinks followed by the most amazing dinner at a new hip Italian restaurant and then he drops me home .Now I desperately wanted to kiss this guy but my mind was racing about how you do that when saying goodbye in a car, so I invited him to meet my puppy (he was a dog guy too) - now never fear, even though I had a couple drinks I knew I was not going to let him "sleep over" as I really liked this guy and wanted it to be "more"…he literally was in my house for 5 minutes to meet my little guy and then came the most awkward goodnight kiss….which we both laughed about and tried again - ahhhh much better….guy was an amazing kisser *sigh*So he asks to see me again!

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