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We captured some men and five camels running mines from Burami down to the Nizwa area.

I and four of my soldiers then used the camels to patrol and these patrols are some of my most happy memories of my time in Oman.

We were able to cover more ground than we could have done on foot and go where vehicles could not move and the enemy could not hear us coming. In 1958 I was Lieutenant in the British Army and serving with a tank regiment in Germany where we were facing the threat of a Russian invasion.

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Featured Photographer I have chosen for this week is different and kind of unique, even though he keeps on telling me that he is not a good photographer, I beg to differ, the fact that he owned the camera than, and took photos of various scenery and culture of Oman during the 1950s and in the middle of the war, and managed to protect and preserve them for sixty years , this alone makes him among the best photographer.

Photos are all about Memories, and here today I am displaying your photos to Omanis and Non Omanis alike for scene of Oman many of us never knew existed, this is the very definition of preserving memories.

Thank you John, for these lovely very precious photos of Oman during the 1950s, and I am honored you have chose me to share it to the world.

me on my camel and was taken at the army camp at Ibri.

I was commanding a company of the Northern Frontier Regiment.

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