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Both of Tammy's daughters go for a horse ride and try to convince their father to buy them a horse. Lauri and her business partner start working on their jewelry while she looks for an investor.

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Jo has her first studio taping and encounters some difficulties.

She blames it on her love of coffee, but it is later revealed that her dependence on Slade is causing the problems.

Tammy has locked her youngest daughter out of the house to prevent her from throwing a party.

The girl manages to sneak in and throw a party, but she cleans up after it, leaving no trace. housewives, she discovers that her fiancé has bought her a new car.

Set in Orange County, California, and created by Scott Dunlop, it is the first The Real Housewives installment in the franchise.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is a voyeuristic look into the wealthy lives of these housewives, as they shop, get plastic surgery, gossip, fight and live lavishly.

The financial crisis, the beginning of which coincided almost exactly with the first season's broadcast, has since trimmed the housewives' lifestyles with job losses, evictions, mortgage defaults, foreclosures, and marital stress—all recorded in progressive seasons of the show.

As of July 25, 2016Shane is nervous about high school graduation and the pressure of making it big in baseball as his father did. Jo begins to deal with her being engaged to an older, richer man.

It is Jeana's birthday and no husband but Vicki's husband Don comes at least. Kara graduates from high school, and the cast is joined by new housewife Tamra Barney, following Jo De La Rosa's departure. Tamra's business leaves little time for her husband. The newest housewife on the block, Gretchen, meets with her realtor, Jeana, to view a home in Coto with her fiancé, Jeff, who has Leukemia.

And the rest of the Orange County girls are not pleased with Jeana's husband. Gretchen goes with her fiance Jeff to the Indy 500 and gets the VIP treatment as she gets to ride around the track. with Vicki cruise and is thrilled to get so much attention from her colleagues, but is frustrated when she can't seem to get any props from her own family.

Jo has a big meeting with a record company about her first single. Lauri's son Josh moves into the town house next season but "breaks house rules" and is kicked out and then moved into Lauri's new husband's ex-wife's house. Vicki's marriage continues its downward spiral when she and Don accompany Tamra and her husband on a romantic trip to Napa. Briana is nervous when her family considers buying an expensive yacht. Jeana and her daughter, Kara, drive to up to Berkeley to move Kara into her apartment.

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