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Well, Jenny was sleeping this morning and my brother shot her a text.

As always the best stories on the Internet come straight outta Reddit, including user Mylifesuxnow‘s lengthy (but worthwhile) tale about his wife cheating on him: My wife (Jenny) and I have been married for 8 years.

We met when we were 22 and we had both just graduated from university.

It’s been great so far, we haven’t had a huge argument where we’ve had to separate for a period of time or anything like that.

Also, we have given each other our passwords to our phones and personal emails.

WARNING: If you’re looking for a quick and easy story where a guy gets petty revenge on his cheating wife, this story isn’t for you.

For one thing this story is long…really, really long.And it’s not done yet; as in the guy who’s getting cheated on is still in the process of collecting evidence on his wife and secretly meeting with divorce lawyers.But if you’re looking for a good cheating story where you get every single detail of what’s going on…then this is for you.I decided to open up the phone and reply something stupid and funny in order to embarrass Jenny.So I opened up the i Message app and went to read their previous conversation to see what was happening, so I could tell a relevant joke.2nd to the top of the list of conversations was a chat with a guy/girl named Zack.

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