Thaao penghlis and leann hunley are dating

We’d hate to see them fiddle with what they’ve created too much.Maybe Tony will simply return from the dead as well.

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After drawing Aiden into his web, Andre turned his wily attention to half brother Chad and exploited their shared Di Mera heritage, hoping to elicit sympathy and forgiveness, but not without expecting something in return.

When Abigail escaped from Shady Hills, Andre leaped upon the opportunity “to help” — in exchange for a piece of Di Mera real estate he prized.

Finally, there’s the new alliance that Andre has forged with Kate.

Could Anna fall for Andre because he looks like the love she lost? There’s even a chance that Andre has been fooling us from the beginning of his latest run. Thanks to plastic surgery, these two look identical.

Tony might have his reasons for deceiving everyone.

On the other hand, Tony may just pop up right along with Andre.

Days has managed to set up Andre as Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) successor.

Both characters are outsiders with scores to settle, to pairing them opens the door to endless possibilities.

Portrayer Thaao Penghlis is a master at nuance, double entendre and tempering Andre’s lethal nature with sly honor, and it’s a boon, indeed, to see him back on the front burner.

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