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In this case your record will be transferred up there when you make an appointment.If you join the practice of a doctor elsewhere, your new doctor will ask you to sign a release form which he will send to me and I will send him your chart. Finally, if you prefer to take your record away yourself, you must contact me to arrange to meet and pick it up.

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Thighs, Calves, Feet The colors for all these different sections cannot be different.

They will all be the same color you choose the body hair to be.

Male Sims with body hair can also visit their local Day Spa and Get the body hair waxed to remove it completely.

————————————————————————————————————————- Generations does not come with a new “neighborhood” ,but the game does include 9 Residential Lots & a new Community Lot known as “Romper Recreation Playground” Below you can find all 10 of these lots including their lot sizes.

To place the Community Park, select the location you want on the map, change it to a community lot (if it isn’t already) and select the lot type Generations includes the Day Care career.

You sims can now run a day care from their home to earn a living.

Taking care of the neighbor’s toddlers & children is just a computer click away. This is a job done right in the comfort of your own home.

JOURNEYMAN / APPRENTICE POSITIONS For over 26 years, C. With our sound experience, on-going training and up to date information, we have provided service to a wide variety of commercial, industrial/institutional and residential projects.

Our company continues to build on the solid foundation established by owner Daryle Anderson – providing quality products and superior customer service.

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