Swingerdating - Psychology of texting dating

The same feedback is lacking, and that mean it’s impossible to complete a relationship, on account of a person just can’t express it.

People, searching for real love on the internet, as a rule, are more vulnerable, have more complexes and date in real life more difficult.

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However, in actual fact, the technical tool begins using them. It happens because of the feeling of anonymity and breadth of selection.

Illusory anonymity decreases chances, breadth of selection causes decreasing of rational possibility to make that choice.

In actual fact, it’s easy to get an account at a few social networks and put favorable information about yourself, truthful or made-up.

In this way, avatars come to the arena, which don’t have even a minimum of feedback, which is anyone has in personal contact. When we don’t have information from organs of sense, which helps to decide “friend-or-foe”, psychological machine creates a made image, which, in actual fact, is identical to us.

In actual fact, there are people who suppose being dead serious that the internet can help to find your soul mate.

A psychologist Mark Sandomirskiy has an experience in consulting of real victims of internet-communication.

We are talking about people who wanted to find a spouse in the virtual world.

It turns out, that virtual love ends and breaks up not less painfully than real one.

Recall the movie Avatar, when the main heroine was so disenchantment when she recognized a stranger in the beloved body!

When internet affair ends so painfully a person has to consult a real psychologist. Internet affair develops in texting which allows getting more powerful emotions than real dates give.

And feelings can be more stronger, cause fantasy paints an ideal image easier than the same fantasy when it works on the basis of physical reality, but not on the basis of itself.

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