Ps3 froze while updating

I got my 60gb, backwards compatibality on December 12, 2011.

ps3 froze while updating-33ps3 froze while updating-40

If that does not get the Ubuntu installer running, try disabling anything mentioning UEFI in the firmware settings.

Or If you cannot find UEFI settings then enable CSM - this will disable the UEFI booting of the installer and then allow a legacy/BIOS install of Ubuntu.

Installing grub-efi afterwards will allow UEFI to be re-enabled.

Even though our warranty said we could just bring it back to Best Buy...

We have attempted to shut it off, and we have even unplugged it, but it remains frozen on the update page. We just tried to take it back to Best Buy to have it fixed, but it seems they changed their policy and won't take it from the shop, we have to ship it somewhere else.

This happened to me on the weekend when I opened up my laptop to clean out the dust.I didn't even get to the grub screen - the only signs of life were the LEDs on my keyboard and the fans.After a short panic I opened it up again and realised I hadn't fully re-inserted one of the RAM cards. Ubuntu's installer 'when attempting to run in UEFI mode) will hang and stop due to different manufacturer's implementations of the UEFI specification and will hang in different ways.To identify if your machine is booting in installer UEFI mode you will see REF: UEFI Community Ubuntu Documentation Section 2.4 The picture above actually only confirms your DVD/USB booted using UEFI and there will be some means in firmware settings to ensure drives are booted in order to make the UEFI installer run (a solution may possibly be as simple as ensuring SATA is set to AHCI) - check your vendors manual!Also check the UEFI Community Documentation Section 2.3 for more details.What you need to do first is to disable SECURE BOOT in the firmware settings.

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