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I dont think i could ever stick it threw a blind date with a creeper.@Iamisfp I prefer taller men just because I'm tall myself. If I weren't as tall, I would probably go for "the ugly".

Our high school was one of few in the area that had Smart Board technology at the time.

You know, those big projectors that could show the class what the teacher had pulled up on her computer?

Well, while she was grading our assignments, our teacher accidentally activated the Smart Board.

i actually thought cbrstunter24 and justin80 were being sarcastic because i didn't find the black girl cute at all.. i've done it plenty of times Men and woman on dating sites aways lie.

i think people just feel bad cuz alot of people always call black girls ugly so they say stuff to make black people feel better..

Woman will put a photo showing only there face then show up weighing 300lbs.

Men will lie about there height, age, etc and will show up creepy, old and bald..

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I remember it clearly: my sophomore year in high school.

Back in 2008, I was sitting in the chemistry lab with the rest of my classmates.

We were working individually on some kind of worksheet, while our teacher, a 50-year-old woman and recent divorcée, graded our tests from the previous week.

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