Online dating services and identity verification

Public online dating websites like allow anyone to register and activate as long as he or she has an active email address.

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They had wonderful conversation and quickly fell into love.

Gary claimed he was having business-related money troubles and asked her to make three transfers in excess of $200,000.

Luckily, Jenny did suspect something after she put in the transfers and inquired into the police, who confirmed with the Nigerian authorities that this was indeed a scam.

Jenny couldn’t believe it, but also felt extremely lucky since she got more than $100,000 returned.

Regardless, she continued to ask herself how this had happened.

Unfortunately, this is just one of millions of online scams that take advantage of good people looking for real companionship.

That’s why we take safety and honesty so seriously on Stitch.

Avoiding online dating scams is one of the most important things any user of an online dating site needs to do.

A recent and common example is from Perth, Australia.

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