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I at last found to where I belong, and i can say that this site and community still fragrance innocence and real male sex just don't fall like most men into promiscuity and lost sight of the meaning of love; Frot= respect, equality, masculinity.

I'm so glad i found this site,i must avow that when i discovered it i got the feeling of reaching home and my folks.

Now that I'm at last on the shore of this nice land, would like to meet my fighter.

Since I discovered this website (thanks a lot Luke!

) I am looking forward to find a frot friend and to have a real masculine relationship with a new friend!

Am into J/O, dick2dick and frot so if you want to have fun, to have a new friend for having a beer or having sex with, just email me! Marc974 Hello, guy of 26 y/o athletic fit guy, brown skin 5'11" tropical boy (a sweet athletic dude's chest for hard muscle boy pecs) from Mauritius, an Island state in the Indian Ocean I'm so far away from the club (this make me feel home sick for my frot bro community).

Any colour but masculine or a bit if not able to be xact. INTERESTED GUYS CAN TOUCH MY e-mail: Cyri Greetings: Me: Afr Am, considered handsome, 5'10, slender (155lbs), 52, intelligent, international/spiritual minded, good hygiene and humorous.

No secrets; they make feel like throwing up when discovered.

I was born in Alexandria, settled now in France, Love to know more about you! louis Hi I am 48yrs,in Nairobi (Kenya) interested in meeting a frot minded guy.

This site promotes the kind of relationship I am looking for.

I am a 25 year old single Indian Male from South Africa Pretoria Centurion, looking for a Frot Buddy for a Long Term Relationship. Hi, How old are you, where do you live, what is your desire?

And I like nice feet too; love giving foot massages. No anal, just two guys loving the feel of each other and kissing. If you are interested email me -- hope to hear soon!! Surely there must be some guys in Pretoria who prefer frot m2m sex. My stats are: 52yrs/1.86m/106kg/17cm uncut/greying hair bald on top/blue eyes/moustache. proud of my being gay and more proud of my manhood .. i wish if i could recieve relplies soon facetoface sex is really marvelous ahmed Gamil Gamal mal'houch mithal wela fil khayal saba' elli 'al zay el ghazal..........

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