Free chat with horny gilrs - Free late night sex lines

When I see the late-night ads for premium-rate phone sex lines featuring nubile, tanned young women, I get curious about who is actually on the other end of the phone.Like many people, I sometimes imagine that she's a bored housewife, moaning and calling herself a "naughty girl" while smoking a fag and doing the ironing.But whether they are working in a packed call centre wearing headsets or from home wearing lingerie, phone-sex operators (or PSOs) are as diverse as the callers.

There are some who believe that, in an era of You Porn and free internet chatrooms, phone sex lines may soon become an anachronism.

Although callers often pay more than £1 per minute to 0909 numbers, and the industry still rakes in billions, the salaries advertised for operators are from £10 to £24 per hour – and that, presumably, is if the phone rings constantly. I once had a boyfriend who ran up £2,000 in charges in six weeks and lied about it, which seemed insane when he had a girl who was perfectly willing to engage in filthy banter for free.

Experts say that women are more likely to view porn use of any kind as a betrayal, so men should tread carefully before letting their fingers do the walking.

But in moderation, I think that the allure of phone sex is the same as Erica Jong's "zipless fuck".

It's absolute anonymity on to which we can project our fantasies.

Who cares if the sexy-sounding woman on the other end of the line is actually a 20-stone mum of four?

In the caller's mind, she's "Cassandra", a horny 18-year-old university student.

But these women (and men, some very successful PSOs have been boys with high-pitched voices!

) have to do so much more: they have to morph into a role that is part therapist, part sexual surrogate.

They also have to improvise and create multiple personae in order to play the submissive secretary, the naughty nurse, the adult baby, the porn star or the barely legal teen girl.

In fact, a quick skim of UK websites reveals that any scenario not involving children or animals seems to be up for grabs.

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