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While it's healthy to express those feelings, to maintain a sense of normalcy and closeness it's equally important to talk about random, happy stuff that's going on.

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Remember that because you can't read each other's body language, you'll need to really listen, as well as be super honest about how you feel.

Be open about your goals in life and for the relationship.

If one of you is hoping to eventually live in the same place and get married, while the other is looking for a fun escape during business travel, things aren't going to work out in the end.

Last-minute visits can be fun, just make sure you know his schedule so that your dropping by won't interfere with his plans. Even though it's tempting to spend 24/7 holed up between the sheets, incorporating him into your regular routine helps your relationship feel more normal.

It's smart to call a few days beforehand—that way you give him a heads-up, while still maintaining the excitement factor. Of course, have a few date nights, but also hang out with friends all together, bring him to your Sunday yoga class, go grocery shopping and make dinner.

Use the time you're not together to sign up for a photography class, take cooking lessons, or learn to play tennis.

Staying busy helps keep your mind off missing him, plus makes you a better, happier GF in the long run.

Each couples has different communication needs, so decide how often you'll talk (maybe it's every day, maybe every other day with texting and Gchat in-between).

Schedule calls in advance, and set aside other activities (ahem, turn off the Facebook feed!

) so you can really focus on the conversation, just like you would if you were in the same place.

Don't fall into the trap of dwelling on how much you miss each other and how hard it is to be apart.

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