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This Application Guide and the Graduate Admissions and Funding webpages are definitive and contain the most current and comprehensive information about the admissions process and requirements.

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If there are exceptional circumstances that mean it is very difficult for you to apply online, please contact Graduate Admissions and Funding with full details.

A range of assistive measures is in place to support applications from students with disabilities - for example, a paper application will be accepted where necessitated by an applicant's disability.

Information on this support is available for applicants with disabilities.

Before you apply, read this Application Guide to entry in 2016-17 and the information on your course page to ensure that you provide the correct documents and information.

Our Technical Help, which you can also access from your application, provides step-by-step help on how to use the online form.

This Application Guide should be followed by anyone applying to a graduate course at Oxford (including current Oxford students) with the exception of the following courses: This is a guide to entry in 2016-17 and cannot be used to apply in subsequent years.

Information on admissions for entry in 2017-18 will be available from September 2016.

You will apply online via the University of Oxford Graduate Application Form.

In applying you will need to pay a fee of £60 GBP, upload supporting documents, and register your referees in the application system.

Apply Current Oxford students on a taught graduate course applying for an eligible course, ie applying for ‘readmission’, also use this form.

However, applicants for readmission do not need to pay a fee and may be allowed to reuse some of the references from their last application.

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