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While some bullying might be easy to identify (eg personal attacks and put downs), other forms of bullying are not (eg attempts to undermine credibility, performance or confidence).

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Bullying is a significant workplace hazard that affects employee health and business productivity.

Employers have a duty to control all workplace hazards, including bullying and other undesirable behaviour. It affects people physically and mentally, resulting in increased stress levels, decreased emotional wellbeing, reduced coping strategies and lower work performance.

Employers who don’t deal with it risk breaching the: This guideline was developed by Work Safe New Zealand (Work Safe NZ) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to assist workplaces, employers and employees to address the issue of workplace bullying.

It also aims to reduce the risk for employers and employees of failing to comply with the duties of the HSE Act and other relevant legislation.

A single incident of unreasonable behaviour is not considered workplace bullying, but it could escalate and should not be ignored.

Harassment and discrimination, which can be part of bullying, have their own legal remedies that are explained in the section on ‘Other undesirable behaviour’.Workplace bullying can be carried out in a variety of ways including through email, text messaging, internet chat rooms or other social media channels.This guidance shows how to: Six stakeholder focus groups facilitated by MBIE reinforced the need to include advice on how to develop positive and healthy workplaces.The guideline also includes several tools to help employees and employers improve their workplace culture and develop positive environments where bullying behaviour can’t thrive.The guideline is supported by a suite of online tools.For more information, refer to the Preventing and responding to bullying page at

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