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Many foreign visitors opt for visiting one or possibly a two towns closest to Moscow; that is: Suzdal and/or Vladimir on one day trip from Moscow and Sergeyev Posad on another.

It's important to remember not to take a bus to these places as the traffic can be bad on approaches to Moscow.

Those visiting the whole ring can take the train to the mentioned places and after they can continue on a bus.

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Vladimir is easily accessible on a train from Moscow.

It's a nice town where two churches dominate over other attractions.

I stayed at Vladimir as this was a logical stopping place on my way from Siberia to Moscow.

Ignore the timetables as many buses pass through to and from all sorts of destinations you never heard about.

See my individual entries on the trickier destinations.

Golden Ring is the collective name used for the oldest Russian towns, all pre-dating Moscow, form a ring of which Moscow is the part of. Suzdal is one hour away from Vladimir and it seems to be the most popular tourist stop on the Golden Ring.

The best views I had were from that bridge between Intercession Convent and Torgovaya Ploshchad, market square, and from the tower of Resurrection Church.

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