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The winds in the top left hand corner are labelled Notos (South Wind) and Euros (East), and those at the top right Zephyros (West) and Boreas (North)." Drawing on parchment, by Oxyrhynchus.

E.)Wiki: "Eros and Psyche plaster medallion excavated in Begram, collections of National Museum of Afghanistan;on exhibit at British Museum, London. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - Begram Medallion5.jpg#mediaviewer/File: Begram Medallion5.jpg" CUPID AND PSYCHE ON ROMAN SARCOPHAGUS, 190-200 C. (FOUR VIEWS) Psykhe and Eros, Antioch, House of the Drinking Contest The winged god Eros (Love) sits on a throne beside his wife Psykhe (Soul), or mother Aphrodite.

E.) Early Group of Eros and Psyche (replica) (Early 1st century B. E.) Early group (Hellenistic Eros and Psyche, with curved wings) Cupid and Psyche (1st century, painting, Pompeii) Early group (Pre-Apuleius Cupid and Psyche) Eros and Psyche, (1st century C.

Aion may here be the same as Ouranos (Heaven), the consort of Gaia.

The four winged ladies above Aion labelled "Erop-" or "Erot-"(? Beside them stand figures labelled Georgia (Farmer) and Gripeus (Fisherman). Along the top are the heads of four blowing Wind-gods and a pair of winged boys named Drosoi (Pure Waters) who pour liquid from pottery vessels.

) Wiki: "Statua di Amore e Psiche" by Shii - Own work.

Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - Statua_di_Amore_e_Psiche.jpg#mediaviewer/File: Statua_di_Amore_e_Psiche.jpg, and (another image) [Cupid and Psyche Embracing] 2nd century (sculpture) Another view Wiki: "Altes Museum - Statuengruppe, Amor und Psyche" by Anonymous - Ophelia2.Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - Altes_Museum_-_Statuengruppe,_Amor_und_Psyche.jpg#mediaviewer/File: Altes_Museum_-_Statuengruppe,_Amor_und_(This group appears in Joseph Zoffany's , painted in 1772-1778, for a detail of which see below.) Amulet (replica) (2nd - 3rd century C. The original is engraved in haematite and bears magical inscriptions." Roman mosaic of Eros and Psyche in the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos (2nd to 3rd centuries C.Cupid and Psyche lifting Aphrodite in a Chair in the Presence of Hermes (first half of the 5th century B. E.) Cupid embracing Psyche, painted Terracotta bust, 3rd - 2nd B. Beside him is seated Gaia (Mother Earth) surrounded by a host of little Karpoi (Fruits) carrying their baskets of fruit. In the lower left corner stands Aion (Time personified) holding a band inscribed with the signs of the zodiac. The two Psykhai of myth were named Psykhe and Hedone." Prometheus, Gaia, Aion, Seasons & Winds "The Titan Prometheus (far right) is seated, busy with the crafting of mankind. ), and above the butterfly-winged Psykhe (Soul) and Hermes holding acaduceus wand. Marble Bronze Cupid and Psyche embracing in a boat, (1st century B. Eros & Psykhai "The winged god Eros (love personified) stands on the butterfly wings of two Psykhai (Souls) flitting across the sea, driving them with a whip.

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