Dating nemadji pottery marks

NEMADJI POTTERY Twenty-five thousand years ago the ice sheet of the glacial age covered the land.

It is now known that the primitive ancestors of our present Indians lived here when the great ice sheet started to melt and retreat.

The painted decoration was distinctive, and the style has remained the same to the present day.

With a change in ownership in the early 1970s the company moved to Kettle River.

Tile production ceased after another change of hands in 1980.

A scrap of paper is to be found in each piece bearing the following legend ...

Nemadji Art Pottery is made largely from designs of this ancient Indian pottery and many of their traditional shapes are preserved in our designs.

The coloring of Nemadji Art Pottery is accomplished in a manner that allows no two pieces to be exactly alike.The pottery is burned in a kiln and glazed on the inside.Nemadji pottery comes from the Arrowhead region of Minnesota.It has never actually been made by native Americans, but is said to be reminiscent of the style and colouring used by them.It has come to be thought of by many as 'Indian pottery' although it has no connection with the Ojibway tribe.It was originally made from clay dug from the banks of the Nemadji river. It produced floor tiles for wide distribution, mainly in the west and north-east, and decorative items intended primarily for the tourist trade.

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