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In this lengthy letter, the former beauty queen called Femi Fani Kayode a drug addict and a Yoruba bastard for claiming he once dated Bianca Ojukwu and several Igbo women.

She also blamed Igbo ladies and Bianca Ojukwu for having sex with him.

Here is a letter that originated from a Facebook Page with Regina Askia name.

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Some persons have adviced that Femi Fani-Kayode should be ignored due to his MENTAL INSTABILITY but i say NO to it!

I will not ignore him because when a mad-man chases one into his house & still want to exhibit that madness there, the owner of the house will definitely react except he doesn’t value his house!

This has taken a tribal angle & its such a shame that many Yorubas have been applauding Fani-Kayode’s spiteful comments against the Igbo.

: Regina Askia has come open that the Facebook page that wrote this message doesn’t belong to her and has apologized to Femi Fani Kayode. PREVIOUS UPDATE Regina Askia Calls Femi Fani Kayode A Yoruba Bastard For Claiming He Dated Bianca Ojukwu & Igbo Women Former Nollywood actress Regina Askia has lent her voice to blame ex-Nigerian minister Femi Fani Kayode over an explanatory article he wrote about the Igbos yesterday.

This is the 3rd article Femi Fani Kayode will write this month over the Igbos and the ownership of Lagos.

It seems the issue of Lagos’s ownership is eating deep into the heart of concerned Igbo citizens who have never stopped blasting Femi Fani Kayode since yesterday.

Both old and young Ndi Igbos have gone to their Twitter profiles to call FFK all sort of names among which is Regina Askia.

After reading another hard-drug-influenced-essay by the Yoruba idiot parading himself as Femi Fani-Kayode, Ex-Minister of the Nigerian Federation, I felt there was no need to blame him for giving us another reason why his family members should as a matter of urgency, BUNDLE HIM BACK TO A REHAB! I don’t blame Femi Fani-Kayode for having a fun-filled day telling us how he ‘breezed’ through Bianca Onoh before our very revered Eze-Igbo married her…

I blame Bianca Onoh , Chioma Anasoh & Adaobi Uchegbu for being naive or to have rather stooped so low to have intimate relationship with a Yoruba rascal/urchin/idiot whom i’m very sure was on heavy use of cocaine (and still is) at the time!

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