who is todd that kandi is dating - Dating a late 70s strat

Before you discount the MIM part, consider that this baby is about as close as you can get to the Fender Custom '69 Stratocaster ala Jimi Hendrix or the Robin Trower Signature Stratocaster and man does it have that funky late 60's early '70s vibe and feel to play.Not only that, but this one on particular has the Jimi-Woodstock MOJO nailed.I called my local Guitar Center twice in advance asking if they had one and they said no both times.

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So I go down anyway and lo and behold there's this one hanging on the wall!

So I get it down and it had been there for some time.

I plug it into a Fender hand wired Vibrolux and started paying "Wind Cries Mary", "Hey Joe", "Hey Baby" on and on.

Well, just about everybody in the store including the sales reps and about a dozen customers flocked around to hear! It was as if this guitar was possessed and I certainly felt Jimi's spirit flowing through. It has the glossy rounded neck F-Shape profile which fits perfectly into the palm, same as the CS '69 a d '68 that Jimi used.

Super nice low action, vintage frets which at first I thought I wouldn't like but watching the close-ups of Jimi at the Woodstock full length concert DVD you can see that's art of the Mojo. Previously, I was nearly sold on the new Highway One Upgrade for all the wonderful new improvements it touts, so I put this down for a minute and grabbed one of the new Highway Ones and it's bland satin nitro finish and closer string spacing, while different was like picking up a half finished guitar and the tone was so-so.

I couldn't wait to put it back down and grab the '70s Strat before someone else discovered it! You would have had to shoot me to get it away from me.

What's interesting is that 2 days prior, I walked into another music store and they had a clear coat 70s Strat so I picked it up and it felt like it was bolted to the floor it was so heavy!

The salesman told me it was made of Northern Ash which is a very heavy wood compare to the lighter swamp ash.

The 1st string was hanging off the neck and it was just horrible. As I asked the manager to take it down from the wall, I said I don't think I'll want it because they weigh a ton. " Well, once I grabbed it, it was light as a feather! Well this one is made of Lite Ash of some type but the resonance is uncanny.

So I decided to get the Highway One until I ran across this white one! Robin Trower said on the Fender video that he's always found that the lighter weight bodies almost always seem to have the best tone, whereas the heavier woods sound harsh and brittle.

Instead, he says he always listens for a musical, acoustic quality unplugged. When you listen to this unplugged, it almost sounds as loud as an acoustic guitar and has that "spank" to it when you pluck a note it just pops right out of the neck.

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