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Mr Portillo, 52, who stepped down as Conservative MP for Kensington and Chelsea at the last Election, has had many meetings in luxury hotels with the glamorous socialite he met four years ago.The revelation will surprise supporters of the once dynamic, former golden boy of the Tory Right and champion of family values, who last month started as a panellist on the BBC Radio 4 weekly Moral Maze programme.

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The new woman's now-estranged husband, a banker and industrialist whose family is said to be worth £600million, has moved out of the couple's £3million London home and has told friends he has given up on his marriage.

The businessman has told confidants he is disgusted at the behaviour of the former politician, whom he brands 'a piece of s***'.

He is also furious with his wife, whom he accuses of wrecking their long-standing marriage.

He believes she was so smitten with Mr Portillo she even had cosmetic surgery to enlarge her breasts because - in his words - "Portillo likes big breasts".

can reveal that the former Defence Secretary has been having trysts for at least three years in five-star hotels in Paris and London.

The woman's husband, who only recently had the affair confirmed, has told friends he is "devastated".

The couple are expected to divorce later this year.

The husband has said he intends to introduce Mr Portillo's name in the proceedings.

"My wife is a social climber who has gone for somebody with a public profile and I want to nail that bloody bastard Portillo," he told friends.

He views Mr Portillo as a "hypocrite who smiled warm hellos to him at parties".

The millionaire has also been angered by the astonishing spending of his wife, a woman who, he claims, has never done a day's work in her life.

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