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Users who persistently disrupt camfrog owned rooms, and get around 'mac bans' have their 'pro code', the key used to unlock the commercial version, banned.


The rules in force in Speak English are as follows: *SPEAK ENGLISH ONLY in this room.*No nudity or requesting that others get nude.*No disrupting the room with repeated text, or spamming.*Do not directly insult Users, Operators and Owners.*No graphic sexual content. The Camfrog site related services may not be used by users between the ages of thirteen (13) and eighteen (18) without adult supervision.' [ [] ] Speak English Operators vary vastly in age, ability, interaction with users, and many other areas.

Speak English has in the past had operators that are disabled in some way.

Some have been deaf, others have suffered from conditions such as .

rooms), rooms for singles, rooms aimed at users from specific countries, trivia oriented rooms, and adult only video chat.

Like other similar chat and instant message programs it requires registration and a unique username to log on.

The website features a user directory with user profiles.Camfrog has deaf rooms, audio rooms, 18 plus (adult) rooms, general rooms & Camfrog owned rooms.Users are distinguished by the colour of their names:*Owners are red *Operators are green *Friends are blues *General users are black*Bold name means they are a pro user (using the commercial version of the software)*Regular font weight means they are using the free version (using the free version makes all user names the regular font weight)The latest version was released July 2008, Version 5.1.127.[ [] ] Punishment Camfrog owners and operators in camfrog owned rooms will punish and ban users who they deem disruptive, offensive, and generally don't like.Typical punishments range from 1 hour, to 3 days, whilst a ban typically lasts for 30 days.In extreme circumstances a user might be banned from logging into the program all together, around camfrog this is known as a 'mac ban' but it does not actually ban the mac address of your computer.

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