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Then we tweak the system and record where the tweaks are ( change your desktop background, the settings are in ~/.gconf or you add firefox shortcuts, they are located in ~/Desktop). Can we just have the installation like how it is for Ubuntu normally, that is, show the ubiquity installer, rather than showing grub?

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The one thing it is not is "copy/paste"; these new changes require someone to think beyond what is written.

BUT I believe the answer also already requires this.

Note for customizations to themes programs etc, most probably needs to be done to the respective packages, not the installed files.

I would like to customize Ubuntu live CD by installing some additional packages. Packages that I want to install: @mniess " How would you remaster 14.04 or newer?

Note: I do not prefer Remastersys, manual way will be appreciated.

" the manual version posted by izx and me are still valid for setting up the root system for editing.

The new answer highly depends on knowing what you mean with "given recent changes".

Then setting a newer version number will mean that your changes should not be overwritten by updates (though you likely will want/need to update these packages every so often to adapt to newer versions) Note: The Ubuntu Builder project has been discontinued. When I run it inside a virtualbox, it shows a popu saying that "/casper/vmlinuz.efi‌​: file not found". project is discontinued. The PPA does not work, and the website has no download links.

(for now, this is specific to Karthik's needs; I will update answer later with more general/Unity-specific stuff) Ubuntu Builder automates many of the preliminary steps that had to be done by hand (mount ISO, extract squashfs, create chroot, etc.) It gives you Synaptic and a "graphical" chroot as well (Unity UI). I suggest to add this info at the beginning of your answer to help others arriving here not wasting his ~/livecd/cd sudo mkisofs -r -V "Ubuntu-Live" -b isolinux/-c isolinux/-cache-inodes -J -l -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -o ~/Downloads/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386. I suggest you try other methods suggested in this QA.

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