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Born like most Peacekeepers—aboard a command carrier, Aeryn Sun was brought into a military life of rules and honor above all else.

Raised to be a soldier and a Prowler pilot, she was taught nothing of love, family, or what it meant to worry for the safety of her peers—at least, not beyond wanting her comrades to live for the sake of the mission.

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Xhalax came to young Aeryn's bedside one night and confessed this, explaining that she wanted her daughter to know the truth.

Unfortunately, Aeryn's mother was caught, and faced with an awful choice—branded as a traitor, Xhalax was told that she would have to murder either her daughter or the man she loved to prove her continued worth to the Peacekeepers and show that she considered what she had done a mistake.

Aeryn grew up never knowing if the encounter with her mother was nothing more than a deluded dream.

Cycles passed, and Aeryn continued rising through the ranks, becoming a member of the Pleisar Regiment.

She maintained a Peacekeeper's admiration for the strong, and hatred of the weak.

Yet there were secrets about Aeryn's past that the Peacekeepers wanted to keep from her, as it conflicted with the ethics of their militant lifestyle and would have made her worthless to their cause.The truth was that her parents were not placed on a breeding roster to have a child, the way most Peacekeeper children were conceived; instead, Aeryn was conceived in love.Her mother, one Xhalax Sun, also of the Peacekeeper service, and her father, Talyn Lyczac, fell in love and chose to have her.She had a series of non-emotional relationships of the sort encouraged by the Peacekeepers.At one point she was pulled from her Prowler duty and assigned to a Leviathan (whom she later found out was Moya), and developed feelings for a man named Tam Velorek.He tried to make Aeryn realize her true potential, insisting that she could be more than a mindless soldier, and encouraged her to run away with him.

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