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In his freshman year of high school he played on the varsity football team; he could bench press 250 pounds and squat 450.

He was six feet eight inches tall and weighed 260 pounds.

That was his favorite team and he was their greatest fan. My dad, who is a minister, had visited Chris several times, and all he could say about him was that he was very nice, very tall and "big-boned." With some hesitation I said yes.

To his surprise, he not only got to see the Cowboys play, he actually met some of them in the locker room. The date was scheduled for the week before Christmas.

Chris' third wish was more difficult to coordinate because of its sensitive nature. At this point I should probably explain that I am a redhead. Before then Chris and I had only talked on the phone.

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Then he was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, a form of cancer.

That same year a local radio station sponsored a contest granting requests to people who wrote in with the best Christmas wishes.

A member of our church wrote a letter to the radio station on Chris' behalf.

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