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When it comes to making purchasing decisions, we all know our choices aren’t based on logic and reason.

Why do you think they keep making red sports cars with terrible gas mileage and keep putting candy bars near the checkout?

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Designed to help capture and profile your target prospects, this lead generation platform is easy-to-use, affordable and proven to work.

Combining state-of-the-art technologies and content rich databases, finding new, active prospects has never been easier.

The system is completely intuitive Continue Reading →Re-engagement program provides a proven and effective way to quickly identify new leads from old lists After acquiring a competitor, our partner in the manufacturing industry discovered as many as 20 boxes of customer lists dating back to the 1940s.

They knew this lists represented a golden opportunity for retrofit and add-on product sales, but they had no idea where Continue Reading →Database Development and Market Profiling Program Helps Vigil Networks Drive Sales Activity and Improve B2B Lead Generation IT Decision makers are notoriously hard to get in touch with so when Vigil Networks, a value-added reseller of network security and data management solutions wanted to enhance its sales and marketing database, it turned to the experts at Response Point for help.

Vigil Continue Reading →Better to utilize direct mail for audience profiling and segmentation in an integrated marketing approach.

This approach allows Regal Entertainment Group to customize incentives to the individual to maximize customer acquisition and conversion.Twice a year, Response Point develops a ticket sales campaign as a sales and employee incentive program targeting corporations across the United States.But this integrated campaign Continue Reading → Will outsourcing lead generation programs -save money?If you’re weighing the benefits of hiring a full-time marketing professional over outsourcing lead generation programs, you’re not alone.Companies have been struggling with this decision for years and for various reasons, making choices that are counter-intuitive. CEB’s Karl Schmidt explains why the real driving factors behind B2B buying decisions are far more personal and emotional than you think.

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