Alia bhatt and varun dhawan dating

co-star Alia Bhatt for this July 11 release, directed by Shashank Kaitan. It’s an advantage and disadvantage because you grow up near the audience.Varun talks to Rajul Hegde about films, his co-star and why he is not dating anyone at the moment. How does the equation change when you act in a film together? The amount of time I have stayed in college I don’t think anyone else has.

I know the real Alia and also I know how to push her buttons and make her cry.

I just have to say one thing and next minute she will start crying. Do you share a better rapport with Alia than other actresses you have worked with? I think the film is in a space between friendship and love and the space we are in also.

here are rumours of you dating Natasha Dalal, an upcoming fashion designer.

I have a lot of friends from school and childhood who are girls and I am still friends with them.

As far as a romantic liaison is concerned, I genuinely don’t have the time right now. Your film is apparently inspired by the film w do you stay grounded? He points out my mistakes and also motivates me to be better.

You need to realise that I live with two directors who are the actual stars because they make the films. We are undergoing lots of training because of different forms of dancing.

Are you undergoing any training for Remo D’ Souza’s ? One dance has six songs and everybody is finding it difficult, including the professional dancers.

But I don’t want to do something like that at the moment because my face doesn’t suit it. If I shave and sit next to Alia, I will look younger than her.

This is my third film and finally I will graduate in this film and leave college (?

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